Upper Elementary (9-12 years)

The Upper Elementary program (for ages nine through twelve) strengthens the work learned in Lower Elementary, while greatly expanding basic skills. The child has now reached the latter half of the Second Plane of Development. This stage is when the child is ready for abstract thought, which leads to mastering abstract concepts. The Upper Elementary child moves from the vivid material experience to the abstract by visualizing mental concepts once demonstrated by the concrete.

There is a growing desire for intellectual independence and a time of great moral development, during which students seek to understand the motivation behind certain behaviors. When confronted with moral issues, the Upper Elementary student seeks to imagine and develop possible solutions. They are taught to make decisions, use their time wisely, and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn. It is a non-competitive environment which fosters a love of learning and allows natural curiosity to lead the way.

While enhancing both physical and emotional development, the traditional academic disciplines are learned. The addition to the core curriculum of Literary Analysis, Chemistry, Practical Math with a restaurant lunch program, and the Montessori Model United Nations creates an exciting time for the students as the curriculum becomes more challenging.

In the upper elementary program at Hawk Meadow Montessori, your child will expand his/her intellect and abilities as a young citizen who models, respects, adopts peaceful practices and develops a personal, positive contribution to the world. The goal is the development of an autonomous individual, competent in all areas of life, not merely someone with the “right” answers.