Lower Elementary (6- to 9-year-olds)

At the elementary level, the independence that has been introduced and cultivated at the toddler and primary levels is truly put to the test. At this point, the children are capable of a great deal of independent work, and are encouraged to choose work responsibly and cover multiple areas of the curriculum on a daily basis. The elementary classroom is a place for individual, independent, uninterrupted study with a wide variety of teaching materials designed to challenge the student to discover and think for him or herself. As always, the teachers observe and monitor the progress of each child in the classroom, to make sure he or she is working to potential and receiving new lessons when ready.

In the elementary program, numerous all-day field trips and outdoor explorations are incorporated into the learning and growing process. During the winter, the children travel to Ski Butternut every Friday to spend the day receiving instruction in skiing and snowboarding, practicing their newfound skills, and communing with fellow students, teachers and parent chaperones. During the fall and spring, the elementary students take part in other physical activities, including tennis, golf and hiking.