Meet our Teachers » Sheba Kapur

I am so excited to be a part of the Upper Elementary teaching team at Hawk Meadow Montessori! From an early age, I knew I wanted a career working with children, but came upon Montessori by happenstance. After completing my bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, I decided to further my education with a teaching degree. An acquaintance recommended I observe a Montessori classroom before applying for a conventional teaching certification. What I saw during my visit to a primary classroom astounded me! The children were all working on such a variety of materials. The directresses were sitting off to the side, also observing their charges, and assisting them when needed. A young girl came up to me and presented her research on the brachiosaurus with such poise and confidence. It was all that was needed to convince me that I had to pursue Montessori training.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to receive my primary, lower elementary and upper elementary training consecutively. After teaching in Toronto, Canada for two years, I moved to Brooklyn, New York where I taught preschool, lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school over the course of a decade.

When the decision was made to move our family to Dutchess County, I began researching Montessori schools for my boys to attend. I was so grateful to find Hawk Meadow Montessori, a school that embodies Dr. Montessori’s philosophy effortlessly, ensuring each child receives an individualized education to unlock their potential. It is a joy to be able to bring my children to work each day, knowing that we are all art of a warm community fostered at Hawk Meadow Montessori.

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