Meet our Teachers » Lisa Kilmer

Hello! My name is Lisa Kilmer and I have been a teacher in the Hawk Meadow Montessori elementary classroom for the past two years. I recently completed my Montessori Middle School training and will begin teaching Middle School this year. Teaching using the Montessori philosophy and experiencing it firsthand, along with my children, Gretah and Adelle, has been an amazing opportunity for me. I have witnessed children facilitating their own learning and using their strengths to build on weaknesses. Their love for learning, trust in their teachers and sense of community are evident in the smiles, skills and stories they share every day.

My teaching experiences have allowed me to work with a diverse group of learners, both children and adults alike. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Vassar College, where I majored in Geology and Elementary Education. My permanent elementary teaching certification came soon thereafter and I earned tenure while teaching in the Arlington Central School District. As I continued my education, I received my Master’s degree from SUNY New Paltz in Environmental Education. I chose to take a short leave from teaching while I raised my two daughters to school age and continued to work on my certified organic farm, Gray Horse Farm. On the farm, we raised animals in the most natural and sustainable way possible, organically. We also educated children and the public about our current food system.

I look forward to my role as a facilitator for our Middle School students in their lifelong learning process. I am truly honored to be able to be a part of the Hawk Meadow Montessori School family!

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