Meet our Teachers » Joyce Ryan

My name is Joyce Ryan. I received my Bachelor’s of Art Degree from Pace University. I majored in English with a minor in education.

While raising my two children, I continued to expand my knowledge in the field of education as well as the field of computers. This led me to accept a job as computer coordinator at the middle school in the Spackenkill School District.

After two years, I left to give birth to my third child. I wanted to return to the field of teaching, but also wanted to be with my son. Brendon Montessori was perfect, because at that time it had an infant program. I was immediately impressed by the classrooms and children I saw at the school. This began my lifelong commitment to the Montessori philosophy and way of life.

Six of my tweny-two years at Brendon Montessori were spent teaching in a primary (3-6) classroom. During this time I received my certificate in Early Childhood from the state of New York. I was the recipient of a number of awards for my service and dedication to the education of the child.

After receiving my Lower Elementary certification in Montessori, I started the Elementary Program at Brendon Montessori. Two years later, I returned back to the Center for Montessori Teacher Education (CMTE) at the College of New Rochelle to become certified in Upper Elementary (9- to 12-year-olds). I then started the Upper Elementary program at Brendon Montessori.

Throughout the years, I have attended numerous workshops and seminars to further my education. Two of my certificates include Mathematics from the Princeton Center for Teacher Education and Animal Science from New York Environmental Conservation.

I am glad to be part of the staff here at Hawk Meadow Montessori. The Montessori philosophy is being passed down in my family with my own children recognizing the benefits of a Montessori education. My granddaughters are enjoying the elementary program here at Hawk Meadow.

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