Meet our Teachers » Emily Katz

I am excited to be a  member of the Hawk Meadow Montessori team as a teacher in Primary A. I previously taught at Montessori of New Paltz and did teacher training at George Washington Elementary School, and am grateful to continue my Montessori journey in the warm community of Hawk Meadow.

I attended a primary Montessori school as a young child, but it was only after graduating from Bard College and then getting my masters degree in education from SUNY New Paltz that I rediscovered Maria Montessori and her incomparable ways of teaching children. Her amazing respect for children and ideas about their unlimited and untapped potential struck a chord with me, and I am now very proud to be a Montessori disciple and teacher. I completed my primary training at the Center for Guided Montessori Studies, and continue to learn about the remarkable elements of Montessori education every day.

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